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Review of “Everything in Rust” of COSCUP 2019

My experience with Rust Taiwan community in COSCUP 2019

Sunshine, blue sky, and sprinkles of rain — such diverse weather on August 16th-17th echoed the lively atmosphere at NTUST in Taipei, where the COSCUP was held. Participating in the conference, Rust Taiwan community hosted the “Everything in Rust” track with 11 talks, which were relevant to Rust. Speakers came from all over the world, including India, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, representing for some of the top influencers in the global Rust community. With more than one thousand attendees in COSCUP, it was the first time for these hundreds of people encountered the efflorescence of the Rust programming language.

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The Clean Coder 心得、摘要與補充

前陣子把 《The Clean Coder》(中譯: 無瑕的程式碼 番外篇-專業程式設計師的生存之道) 看完,剛好可以回答一個網路上最常看到的問題之一:


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