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How to debug Rust via GDB


Big open source projects are huge, such as the Servo browser in Rust. I have counted the lines of code for you. There are almost a hundred thousand lines of code in the Servo project. To develop such a big project, knowing how to debug in a right way is very important, since you would like to find the bottleneck in a fast and efficient way.

In this article, I will teach you some tips to use GDB developing and debugging your Rust code and the Servo project. The debug method can be also applied to C/C++ as well.

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在 Linux 上使用 Perf 做效能分析(入門篇)


透過效能分析工具 (Profiler),我們可以得知更多關於軟體的運行資訊,像是花了多少記憶體、多少 CPU Cycles、多少 Cache Misses、I/O 處理時間等等,這些資訊對我們去找到程式效能瓶頸很有幫助。想辦法找到那裡讓程式變慢,進而最大化效能,便是我們做效能分析的最大目的。

本文將介紹 Linux 上的 perf 效能分析工具,藉由一個簡單的程式範例,示範如何使用 perf 去分析一隻程式,我們將會發現使用分析工具時能更輕易的發現問題根源。本文參考 Gabriel Krisman Bertaz 寫的 Performance analysis in Linux

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