This is a series articles for participating the ITHelp Ironman Competition hosted by ITHome in Taiwan. The participator of the competition needs to write technical articles for 30 days without any day break.

About the series

This is my third time entering this competition. According to my experience, the page design of ITHelp is not easy for finding old articles in a series, and the most important thing is that ITHelp cannot support Rust syntax highlight well. Therefore I also put the series in a gitbook on my website. It’s recommended to read the version of gitbook. You can still read articles on ITHelp.

Why I write it

I am not an expert of database management systems (DBMS) or SQL languages. This series is for a proof of concept on DBMS on the purpose of practicing, but not a textbook for the concept of DBMS. I am learning by doing. For doing that, I create the project, StellarSQL, which is a minimal DBMS implemented in Rust. I will start working on StellarSQL from scratch. In the meanwhile, I will also introduce some concepts of DBMS and explain why I am doing that way on the project in articles. The series is just following the process of StellarSQL.


Practicing makes better. I am just a junior on DBMS, I am not familiar with Rust programing, and I am also not a native English speaker. I am studying through writing this series, and hope you can learn something from the articles.